• The price of PI is discussed from the calculation force design of PI network

    Since its launch on March 14, 2019, Pi network has attracted nearly 3 million participants worldwide.Most of the discussion is about the current price and future price of PI, including the development of PI. We start with the force design of PI, which may restore the original intention of the whole design in the most authentic way, and remove some complicated factors.

  • 从 pi的算力设计谈 pi币的未来价格和能量

    network 这个游戏从 2019 年 3 月 14 日上线以来,全球参与接近 300 万人。大家讨论最多的是 pi 的现在价格、未来价格,以及 pi 的发展。 我们从 pi 的算力设计开始讨论可能会最真实的还原整个设计的初衷,剥离一些繁杂的因素。