• Pi Apps Platform for Developers Beta

    We’re happy to launch the Pi Apps Platform for developers all over the world as a beta, including 1) the first version of Pi SDK and its documentation and 2) a Pi Apps Platform Sandbox for developers to test and visualize their apps. This release, as promised in our Pi Phase 2 strategy to be launched by the end of Q2 2020, will enable developers to start building applications that integrate the Pi currency and to get technically ready to be deployable on the Pi Apps Platform accessible by millions of Pioneers around the globe. It will decentralize the development of Pi’s ecosystem and leverage the power of our global community to achieve the breadth and scale of traditional economies, where real value and utilities are created.

  • 最新:Pi币的测试应用程序平台上线,支持全球开发者参与生态

    We’re launching the Pi Apps Platform for developers all over the world to start building t…