• Pi Network 为开发者提供Pi应用平台测试版

    Pi的核心原则之一是通过渐进式分权创造简单的用户体验,这也适用于我们如何帮助开发者构建Pi应用。这是采用行业标准技术(如JavaScript、HTML、CSS和iframe)的主要原因,以便开发人员与Pi集成,这样他们就可以更多地关注于构建出色的应用程序,而不是让复杂的技术发挥作用。Pi的第三方应用程序将首先到达Pi的后台,这样他们就可以在他们的应用程序设计上进行迭代,建立他们的用例和受众(用户基础)。一旦他们准备好并且区块链开始运行,他们的后端将能够直接适应Pi Testnet或Mainnet,最终实现分散化。这就确保了效用和权力下放的发展是平行的,而不是顺序的,就像Pi网络本身一样。

  • Pi Apps Platform for Developers Beta

    We’re happy to launch the Pi Apps Platform for developers all over the world as a beta, including 1) the first version of Pi SDK and its documentation and 2) a Pi Apps Platform Sandbox for developers to test and visualize their apps. This release, as promised in our Pi Phase 2 strategy to be launched by the end of Q2 2020, will enable developers to start building applications that integrate the Pi currency and to get technically ready to be deployable on the Pi Apps Platform accessible by millions of Pioneers around the globe. It will decentralize the development of Pi’s ecosystem and leverage the power of our global community to achieve the breadth and scale of traditional economies, where real value and utilities are created.