最近在社群平台、微信群有很多关于 Pi 币的疑问,我们通过数据分析整理上一周 7 个热门问题。

最近在社群平台、微信群有很多关于 Pi 币的疑问,我们通过数据分析整理上一周 7 个热门问题,在此我们一一解读:

1.pi 币什么时间上交易所?

答:目前 Pi 没有上任何一家交易所,国内看到的交易所记录均为假,官方团队计划的是 2020 年 3 月 14 日主网。

2.Pi 币只能通过 yoti 来 KYC认证?

答:目前国内只有个别用户受邀测试,是通过 YOti 来进行的,后续不一定会选择, 而且护照不是唯一必选的认证方式。

3.pi 币多少钱一个?

答:Pi 目前有人炒作 30 美元,也有人炒作 100 美元…甚至 0.0001pi 价值 8.8 元,实际上 Pi 的价值还没有凸显,目前的价格均为炒作。



5.pi 币第一笔交易?

答:第一笔交易是 20.7499pi 币购买 Pi 纪念币,是实物交易,至于域名交易是官方行为,是属于内部 Pi 币流转。

6.为什么 KYC 测试用户的可使用币跟总数不符?

答:官方只核算认证之后的币才是可用币,换言之,没有 KYC 的币,暂时属于待定状态。


答:一机一码一人,官方一再的声明确保每一个真人都会通过 KYC认证,至于通过模拟器机器人等注册的行为可能会被被标准清理。


Recently, there are a lot of questions about PI COINS on social platform、wechat. Through data analysis, we sorted out seven hot questions last week. Here we interpret them one by one:

1. When will PI go to the exchange?

A: at present, there is no exchange on Pi, and the records of the exchanges seen in China are all false. The official team plans the main network on March 14, 2020.

2.Pi can only be certified by KYC through yoti?

Answer: at present, only a few users are invited to take the test in China, which is conducted through YOti. The follow-up may not be selected, and the passport is not the only required certification method.

3. How much is a PI ?

A: some people are hyping Pi for $30, others for $100… Even 0.0001 PI is worth 8.8 yuan. In fact, the value of PI has not been highlighted, and the current price is all speculation.

4. Does kyc certification cost?

Answer: at present in the test of the user is not charged, as for the follow-up charge, the official in the solution, I believe it must be to benefit more users;

5. The first transaction of PI ?

A: the first transaction is the purchase of 20.7499 PI COINS, which is the physical transaction. As for the domain name transaction, it is an official act and belongs to the internal circulation of PI COINS.

6. Why does KYC test user’s usable currency not match the total?

Answer: the official currency is only available after verification. In other words, the currency without KYC is temporarily in the state of undetermined.

7. Is it legal for anyone to pay someone to promote registration?

Answer: one machine, one code, one person. Official statements repeatedly ensure that every real person will be KYC certified.

温馨提示:内转在即,有许多伪专家蹦出来扰乱市场,颠三倒四,甚至恶意攻击本网,请 Pi 友擦亮眼睛,谨防上当。


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