2019 年 12 月 17 日 17 时 08 分,匈牙利矿工@Kozii 通过红杉树部落群友@rg918 购买 3 枚”one pi one world”纪念币(单枚价值50RMB),共使用 21 枚 Pi 币,按照市价:1pi≈1$


值得一提的是比特币历史上第一个在现实世界里使用比特币进行购买物品的人是拉斯洛·汉耶茨,他在 2010 年 5 月用 10000 枚比特币购买了一个价值25 美元的披萨。

对比 BTC,Pi 团队 Vincent 曾说过可以将 pi 视为比特币在 2019 年重新想象的新版本。也许未来 Pi 币也会价值1000 美元甚至更高…

At 17:08 on December 17, 2019, Hungarian miner @kozii purchased 3 “one PI one world” commemorative COINS (one single coin worth 50RMB) through his friends @rg918 of the redwood tribe, using a total of 21 PI COINS. The market price is 1pi≈1 $

Simple comments:

It is worth mentioning that the first person in the history of bitcoin to use bitcoin to purchase an item in the real world was Laszlo Hanyecz,who bought a $25 pizza with 10,000 bitcoins in May 2010.

Contrast BTC, Pi team Vincent has said that Pi can be seen as a new version of bitcoin reimagined in 2019. Maybe Pi COINS will be worth $1000 or more in the future…